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About Our Services

Spiderweb provides web and email hosting for personal and business users. We only have a single hosting plan that starts with a $20 (AUD) per year service fee and includes 1GB of storage space. You can then add as many WordPress websites, IMAP mailboxes and extra 1GB storage slots for $20/yr each with discounts for bulk orders. See our PAYG Hosting page for more details.

WordPress Hosting

We specialise in providing fast and secure WordPress hosting with optional worldwide content delivery support via Cloudflare. The origin web servers are based on finely tuned nginx and PHP7 FPM configurations to enable the fastest delivery speeds possible. Each WordPress install comes with the Elementor Page Builder ready for you to login and start creating your site.

Email Hosting

Our secure IMAP service comes with a personalised SPAM filter and SPF, DKIM and DMARC email header support which, along with DNSSEC (Secure DNS), provides the best outgoing delivery options to help your messages avoid landing in the recipients Spam/Junk folder. We do not provide POP services as it will not work with our custom SPAM filter or multiple devices.

Storage Hosting

A Nextcloud login comes with 1 GB of storage space so you can store your Contacts, Calendars and share documents and moderately sized files. More storage space can be purchased for $20 AUD per year per 1 GB with discounts for bulk orders. There are also other facilities available such as a desktop and mobile sync client, Webmail, Chat service, RSS, Notes and Tasks, Photo Gallery viewer and a audio/video player.

Domain Hosting

Search for a new domain or transfer your current domain to us and we will make sure your domains DNS service is available from at least 15 locations around the world. For VPS customers, we also make sure your domain is secure with DNSSEC and also provide your domain with your own vanity nameservers so that a Whois lookup returns your own ns1 and ns2.your.domain as the official nameservers for your domain.

Website Design

We also offer a website design service using the Elementor Pro Page Builder for as little as $60 for single page brochure site. Simple updates in the future that only require a few minutes of our time are free. Ask us for a quote on more complex sites as we can recommend more proficient and experienced e-commerce website designers if you need a truly excellent business website design.

Linux Support

Linux is a secure and flexible open source operating system that powers our servers. Weve had a couple of decades experience installing and managing our servers so we can provide hourly linux server support for anyone. Linux can also be used as an interesting free desktop system for anyone who does not need to run proprietary Microsoft or Apple applications. We can provide both server and desktop linux support.

Web Services

Looking for a web services provider in UAE?

Spiderz offers premium Web Services solutions in UAE. Managed Web Hosting on our AWS-powered network. Business Email for your domain. Spam Mitigation and Email Archiving. Web Systems Design and Development.

Choose a web service to host your business website (includes free business email):

A-Series Elite

for Websites

Host simple websites.

C-Series Startup

for WordPress

Host WordPress sites.

E-Series Business

for Webshops

Host online stores.

G-Series Premium

for SaaS Apps

Host service apps.

Choose a website-only or email-only service to host your business website or business email:

IS-Series Compute

for Web Apps

Host PHP web apps.

M-Series Contact

for Business Email

Host email for your domain.

Your two-minute Web Hosting FAQ

If you’re planning to publish a business website, you need two things, 1. a domain name and 2. web hosting.

A domain name is essentially your dot com or dot anything really, so once you buy a domain, you need a home for it. Web hosting is that home and it comes with a whole lot of services with it, like security, backups, email for your domain and hundreds of other bells and whistles, which by the way you may or may not use entirely, but I guess, you get the point!

Once you have a domain and a web hosting account with a company like say Spiderz (yay!) your next step is to create a website using WordPresss or have one created with the help of a web developer. Websites come in all shapes, forms and sizes so the web hosting plan you need may depend on what your website accomplishes.

All our web hosting plans include email for your domain. That means, you@yourdomain.com email accounts for your entire team. Our A, C, E and G series web hosting plans offer high-storage business email. Other plans offer SMTP email for transactions.

An ideal way to choose your email hosting plan is to know the number of actual ‘human’ users in your team. That way you can simply choose a plan that meets your team size today, and upgrade later. Why pay more today, when you can save instead?

Business email includes high-storage SSD disk space for your email, free SSL/TLS certificate for secure IMAP and POP3 access for your email clients, quick setup scripts to connect your devices (PC, Mac, iPhone and other smartphones), out-of-the-box spam protection and IMAP full-text search indexing for fast searching across all your email (when connected over an IMAP connection).

Domain names can be pre-owned, that is if you bought one elsewhere, or these can be easily registered from our website. You need a domain name like yourdomain.com to represent your business or project. Simply try searching for a keyword and use the Find a domain option on this page to look for available domains.

If you have a pre-owned domain, we can easily have it linked to a web hosting account on our servers, with a small hassle of having to update your domain’s DNS. It’s pretty easy and we guide you along the way, so it’s baby-stuff!

Since this isn’t 1994, most domains are hard to find on the .com, so our site let’s you search through 400+ domain name variations like .ae, .me, .net, .org, .xyz, .fyi and hundreds more. The .ae domain is ideal for businesses in the UAE. The .me could be great if you’re publishing something with a ‘middle-east’ focus. If you’re seeking world domination, find something on the .com (at least try!)

Web hosting isn’t free, some companies choose to design their customer-aquisition strategy by offering free-trials, free-webhosting with no email (or other limitations) or simply discounting their web hosting plans by up to 70% for the first-year, only to let people bite, dig in and pay more the year after.

The notion of free web hosting is risky too – you simply don’t know whether you’re going to be taken care of like a paid customer would. So when it comes to free, there’s always a catch and sometimes it can come back to bite you.

At Spiderz we aim to provide a managed, all-inclusive, hassle-free, experience that’s feature packed and takes cares of all your requirements from day one. So there aren’t any upsells, opt-in features or confusing upgrades. You choose a plan and the plan serves you. If your business needs outgrow your plan, you simply upgrade to the next plan in line. All this while you enjoy great security, backups up to 180 days in the past, cPanel University Certified customer service – all for one great price. No fuss, no illusion.

Website Hosting from Sp >

Enterprise Package

Free bonuses

Our website hosting system offers maximum safety for your sites. A ZFS data storage will help you keep your web site contents resistant to data corruption and the built–in ModSecurity firewall will help you avoid hack attacks. We use data compression to help make your sites load quicker than ever before. Site acceleration tools are integrated as well. If you need assistance with migrating your websites over to our platform – we’ll do this for you at no extra cost.

Evaluate our services with a 30 days completely free trial. No credit card info necessary.

Semi-dedicated Hosting

Website Hosting Plans with a 30-Day Free Trial

With the website hosting packages provided by Spider Web Creations, you get a stable service, along with more than enough hard drive storage space and bandwidth. What’s more, we will give you a 99.9% uptime guarantee. With every cloud web hosting plan, you’ll obtain a free domain name. Also, your cloud web hosting account will be automatically backed up by our system.

The Web Hosting Control Panel that we will supply you with is loaded with tools that will immensely facilitate your work when it comes to administering active sites and building new ones. Our completely scalable cloud web hosting platform gives you the opportunity to select any package and any hosting service you wish. Last, but certainly not least – you can always lean on our 24x7 support team, which usually answers back within just thirty minutes, even though our officially guaranteed ticket response time is 1 hour.

Exclusive Domain Registration Prices

We’ve always given our best to offer the cheapest possible domain name registration prices. By entering into contracts with the domain name registries themselves, rather than using the services of resellers, we’re able to offer advantageous domain registration prices for over 50 different generic and country–code Top–Level Domain extensions.

With each of our website hosting packages, you will get a domain name registration option for free. Alternatively, if you already have a domain name, you can transfer it to your account and get one free year added to the expiration date. The domain will remain free for as long as your hosting account with us is active.

A user–friendly Web Hosting Control Panel

Even if you have the brightest idea for a website, if you do not possess the necessary tools, it will remain unfinished. The aim of our Web Hosting Control Panel is to offer you all the tools you need to quickly transform the idea in your mind into a fully operational and regularly visited web site.

You will have the ability to safely upload files simply by dragging them into your browser thanks to our File Manager. You’ll have a security layer added to your site right away with ModSecurity. You will be able to boost your site’s speed thanks to our Web Site Accelerator Tools.

Installing a new web application online will be a piece of cake thanks to our App Installer tool. Kicking off a website will take only a few quick steps using the Quick Website Installer. On top of that, you can make use of 800+ cost free layout themes, which you can easily install on your brand new site. This is only a portion of the site installation and administration tools incorporated into the Web Hosting Control Panel..

Tons of cost–free bonuses

Each hosting account with Spider Web Creations provides you with access to our Web Hosting Control Panel, which is loaded with free–of–cost bonus features – an App Installer tool, a Quick Website Installer, cost free layout themes, a 1 Click Framework Installer, a Complimentary Web Site Creating Instrument, etc. And with all cloud web hosting packages, you will also get a domain name registration or transfer for free.

Choose your data center

We are focused on offering customer–centric web hosting services. That is the reason why we offer you the opportunity to pick your data center location, as per your online marketing tactics. The closer your web sites are to your target viewers, the faster loading speeds you will be able to offer them and the higher local search engine ranking you’ll achieve.

Our data center facilities correspond to all industry standards. If you want a reliable US Located Website Hosting service, you can pick the enterprise–level data center facility in Chicago, USA. If you want a top–class AU Located Website Hosting service, do consider the data center facility in Sydney, Australia. If you want an excellent UK Located Website Hosting service, simply select our London–based data center. If you want to establish your brand name on the Russian marketplace or maybe on the markets in the North of Europe, check out our Finnish data center. If you are searching for an excellent East European website hosting service, check our data center in Eastern Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria. Whichever facility you choose, you will get a 99.9% network uptime guarantee with all cloud hosting packages.



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