Free Spirit For Life: 7 Struggles Of Being A Free-Spirited Woman


A free spirit is someone who goes with the flow of life. This type of individual is usually fully comfortable with themselves. They accept everything for what they are and go on with their day. Usually, they are very positive. Make sense? According to urban dictionary, it essentially means that you are an independent person whole-heartedly yourself. You will find the good in every day, and make light of bad situations.

Reasons why men find free-spirited women hot

So, when you come with your a-game try to revamp what you usually do. Speak meaningfully and with purpose. The free-spirited woman is strong and her attention span is short. She is always looking for the next thing that will literally ignite her soul. I mean, who are you?

A girl of storm-winds and thorns, the musk of the wild rose and the flight of the falcon. ― Rosamund Hodge That is what a free-spirited woman is.

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9 Things To Know Before You Date A Free-Spirited Woman

When I was first described by people as being free-spirited, it initially confused me. Free-spirited people do however share the love of everything the world has to offer. Sometimes we may come off as weird or different but that’s who we are, flowing with the current that has swooped us off to the next adventure in life.

We open our mind, heart and arms to every situation that comes our way,facing everything with optimism. It comes to no surprise that when a potential partner comes strolling along we tend to be a bit mysterious and confusing.

11 Struggles Of Free-Spirited Individuals. silhouette of young woman against blue sky – illustrating the concept of a free spirit. You’re a free.

Free Spirit — Someone or something who lives by their own wishes and is unconstrained by society. Vision is the first and one of the most important components of feeling alive and on-purpose. The girl or guy you are attracted to may view you very differently than you think. Get your thoughts straight. Start reading. It will help you get an understanding what is means to question life in a healthy way. So you want to hang out but your not sure what he or she likes.

What about activities in general? Well, this one is simple. Often average people get Free Spirits totally wrong. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Q&A: Is It Possible to Be a Christian and Still Be a Free Spirit?

We tend to think of a free spirit as a wild and adventurous individual whose fascination with the world is only matched by their often-frustrating flakiness. However, true free spirits are a mass of contradictions—extroverts who love their alone time, hopeless romantics who bounce from partner to partner, and people who, by all accounts, generally defy definition. They march to their own drum wherever it takes them,” says psychotherapist Karen R.

Most of us probably wish we were a little more free-spirited, but these 5 traits woman walking barefoot with sun in background – concept of free spirit my job and my great little apartment and the wonderful man I was dating.

Because of the amount of people in the world, there are bound to be others who are similar to us, but no two people are exactly the same. While He lived on the Earth as a man, He experienced the same emotions that all people do and He needed to eat and sleep, but He thought and acted differently from the majority of people during His life. At some point, we all have to conform to something.

Even Jesus conformed to the Jewish law of His time. Free spirits are awesome! I believe that Jesus was the most free spirited person of His time while here on earth, and I think we become more free spirited people when we follow His example. To be a free spirited Christian, however, our desire to be a free spirit always needs to come after our devoted love for God. Hey there, welcome to Project Inspired.

We’re here to inspire you to know that God created you for a wonderful purpose. We are a community of believers who love God. You have gifts and talents from God that are unique to you, and we’re here to guide you along the way. Aug

When A Free Spirit Gets Married

Featured 13 Comments. Around six months ago, I was going to meet with an important investment banker in Los Angeles. It was not an ordinary bank-type office because it was located high in a skyscraper, and was full of wood paneling, dark fabrics, oriental rugs—and there was almost a complete absence of people anywhere.

He knows a woman who’s awesome, but they don’t talk anymore. —. I know someone who’s awesome. She’s exactly the person I’d date if I was.

Top definition. One who goes with the flow of life. This type of individual is usually fully comfortable with themselves. They accept everything for what they are and go on with their day. Usually very positive. Most of these people see things differently. Someone: Never thought of it that way , he’s a bit different. Another: He is different, not weird but interesting. He’s free spirited. Aug 18 Word of the Day. Are they a girl or a boy? Neither , they’re an enby!

5 Signs You’re a True Free Spirit Who Can Never Be Tamed

And those challenges sometimes make us feel like our free spirit has flown out the window and cast us adrift somehow. Only after a lot of soul searching , looking for answers and trying to understand who I really was did I find out the answer to that question. I’m a free spirit, and with that come different struggles and challenges from those that afflict others.

It was a relief to find that out. You naturally befriend people from many different walks of life, but you never feel totally at home within any group.

Free spirited people are independent and they don’t usually conform to what society says is normal. Dress modestly when most girls don’t. Maintain healthy​.

It has been over a year since my husband and I got married. In the mountains. Oh, and it snowed heavily during our ceremony. I was a fairly independent wanderer before and during our dating relationship. Marrying Cameron never seemed like a ball and chain to me. Not before we started dating, not in the middle, not until it was a few days before he proposed.

I didn’t know for certain he was going to propose, but I knew it was coming. I was cheering for it to happen sooner than later. But I remember freaking out when it actually did. The first time I wanted to be married was when I was

free spirited

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. So i’ve been together with this girl for 4 months, i love this girl more than anything now but she like’s to do what she wants alot and doesn’t really take how i’ll feel about it into consideration, she loves me too i know this but she shows it differently. Anyone every in the same boat as me? Sorry but I don’t think anyone here can help make your girlfriend be a girlfriend.

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But a free spirit is something else entirely. They think and act for themselves in a way that is remarkably rare. Not bound to any particular doctrine or group, they live life on their terms. A true free spirit is someone who connects deeply with the world and is pulled in the direction of their heart , a force that never leads them astray. For most people, this is easily one of the most difficult things to do in life.

Outside forces are constantly bearing down upon us and we feel the pressure to conform to ideas of what someone in our position is supposed to do or be like. The mere thought of conforming because of social pressure makes your skin crawl. One of the most defining characteristics of a free spirit is that they have learned to tango with fear. The fear of what others will think and the fears of both failure and success cripple the lives and aspirations of millions of people all around the world.

To be a free spirit is to refuse to be tamed by fear of any kind. You feel it, as we all do, but you stand tall despite it and keep moving forward. Nothing— no person nor outer or inner force— will keep you from expressing your authentic self. Another one of the most prominent features of a free spirit is their unwillingness to be chained down by any one thing in life.

Sure, you might have a passion that you devote yourself to.

The Harsh Struggles Free-Spirited People Face Daily

You do what you believe to be right rather than seeking the opinion of others. Free spirits can come in all shapes and sizes. You might be willing to compromise, or you might not. You might be irresponsible, or you might not. So when, inevitably, you fail at something, people are more likely to notice, comment, and criticize.

Whether You Call Them A Wild Woman Or A Free Spirit, These Women Can’t Be Held Down. If You Find Yourself Trying To Figure Out How To.

The uprising of free-spirited people is well underway. Basically, a free spirit is a very independent and uninhibited person. Being a free spirit nowadays is a very good thing. People associate free spirits with being unique and enjoying life without any of the hardships anyone else faces. Here are all the unknown downsides of being a free spirit that you might not have ever thought about before. Boredom strikes free-spirited people hard.

We have a tendency to keep all of the important things about us quiet and just let the basic things fly free. This is definitely a downside for us free spirits because it closes the doors to a lot of different opportunities with friends, jobs and even in the dating field. Because of reasons 1 and 2, landing a boyfriend is extremely difficult for free-spirited people. Sure, we seem really appealing and finding someone to want us might not be an issue because people are generally drawn to the attitude of free spirits.

However, since we tend to keep all the important parts of us quiet, not too many people can be with us. Additionally, there are hardly enough people out there who can satiate our ravenous craving for adventure. Creativity seems like something that would be a positive characteristic in a person, but too much of anything can be a bad thing. The thirst for creativity that free-spirited people have is one of those things that nothing can cure.

The Free Spirited Black Woman

Living , Marriage. In: Marriage. She will be bold, a free spirit.

The key to sharing a wild soul is to make them feel like they can be freer with you than with anybody else. Understand what attracts you to this person. Free spirits.

It seemed like such a trivial way to categorize such complex beings. But some introspection, personality tests here and there , and only a few people NOT dubbing me as such, I told myself… maybe I am. A girl of storm-winds and thorns, the musk of the wild rose and the flight of the falcon. That is what a free-spirited woman is — the slow-burning fire in the hearth, passionate, and undaunted. She is the red umbrella among thousands of black ones, standing out in all her sparkling glory…a walking charm of positivity.

Some associate being a free spirit with a wardrobe of linen smocks and Birks. It requires courage in the face of all odds. It means walking on a path of uncertainty with no one but yourself for support. It is the constant desire and chase of your soul for freedom. Free spirits live in a world that is constantly trying to define us and restrain our very essence.

Being a free spirit is not always easy. We may not always be understood and we may not always be accepted. We are the ones who are not attempting to be anything. Featured image via Taisa Gabriele.


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