What It’s Really Like to Be a 20-Year-Old College Student With Obstructive Sleep Apnea


Having trouble sleeping? Hit Snooze is Mashable’s deep dive into the many ways to achieve a more peaceful slumber. Imagine: You meet the love of your life or at least the next few months on a dating app. You hit it off during the first few dates. You really think this could be a bona fide relationship — not even a situationship! You experience firsts together: first dinner and a movie, first double date…. Then, horror strikes. During your first night sleeping with them — actually sleeping with them — you discover that your new lover

Dating On CPAP Therapy

Does this mean online dating sites will start requiring you to acknowledge this embarrassing bit of background info on your user profile? So why the need to know? Whatever the reason, snoring may not bother your potential partner, but it should still be taken seriously since it can signal a serious health issue such as sleep apnea and even the increased likelihood of stroke and heart disease. Snoring can also over time deprive both you and your partner of much-needed sleep, which in itself can lead to decreased performance, cognitive impairment, stress, and accidents.

But in addition to the health issues mentioned, snoring can create some strain in a relationship. This resentment can get worse if sleep deprivation becomes a long-term issue.

Sleep Apnea Dentist #SleepApneaFaa #TopicalToenailFungusTreatment When you first start dating someone new, there should be pretty much no drama.

Few things are less sexy than snoring, but some people with obstructive sleep apnea, a condition in which people briefly and repeatedly stop breathing during sleep, think the cure is almost worse than the disease. The most effective treatment is continuous positive airway pressur e —or CPAP therapy, in which a specialized machine delivers a steady supply of pressurized air during sleep so people can breathe comfortably through the night.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, between 5 and 20 percent of the US population has some degree of sleep apnea. While many people think of apnea as a health problem for fat, aging white men, Raj Dasgupta, a sleep specialist at the University of Southern California, says it’s an issue that affects everyone. That’s encouraging news, because getting treatment is critical. In addition to CPAP, Dasgupta says some patients also benefit from dental appliances and surgery, depending on the specifics of their condition.

Patients can also experience neurocognitive damage—due to low oxygen levels in the brain—and metabolic problems, due to an increased risk for diabetes. Wellman estimates that there are around 30 million Americans with sleep apnea, but only about six million are using CPAP therapy. Some patients, however—especially those new to CPAP—struggle with how to navigate it in their dating lives or marriages.

He also recommends taking some of the sting out with a sense of humor, acknowledging the ludicrousness of the CPAP mask and its Bane-esque vibe. Paul Hokemeyer, a family therapist in New York City, says that the best way to mitigate feelings of shame or awkwardness is to take charge of the situation and be completely up front about it. By this point I had been married for nine years. For McDonnell, who was warned that his apnea was so severe he might have died in his sleep, using bi-pap saved his life.

Can I Date and Use My CPAP?

Sleep apnea , also spelled sleep apnoea , is a sleep disorder in which pauses in breathing or periods of shallow breathing during sleep occur more often than normal. Sleep apnea may be either obstructive sleep apnea OSA in which breathing is interrupted by a blockage of air flow, central sleep apnea CSA in which regular unconscious breath simply stops, or a combination of the two. Treatment may include lifestyle changes, mouthpieces, breathing devices, and surgery.

People with sleep apnea have problems with excessive daytime sleepiness EDS , impaired alertness, and vision problems.

Sleep apnea is not the only medical issue that causes snoring; chronic allergies is another culprit. Once a serious medical condition is ruled out.

I have always had a snoring problem and recently underwent a sleep test at the insistence of my wife. I was diagnosed as having sleep apnea We have read about the connection between sleep apnea and heart disease, and now we are both concerned. Will treating my sleep apnea reduce my heart risk? Sleep apnea is a nighttime breathing pattern of held breaths and explosive snores. There’s little question that it’s associated with both high blood pressure hypertension and coronary disease.

But does sleep apnea cause cardiovascular disease? Or is the association due to common risk factors, such as obesity, which contribute to the development of both sleep apnea and cardiovascular conditions? In other words, we don’t know whether sleep apnea is a cause of heart disease, or an innocent bystander.


Unfortunately, the process of a relationship has to work over that inhibition, which is not a simple process. Instead, McCaffrey says, it takes 11 stages before you truly feel comfortable sleeping next to a person. For those who want a gif-free version of the 11 stages, here they are:.

The CPAP machine takes up valuable real estate on your beside If you’re single or dating and concerned that the CPAP next to your bed is a.

Something we rarely talk about when we address CPAP therapy is how it affects those around us. I have discussed in previous posts about how getting yourself tested and treated not only affects your health in a positive way, but it benefits your family. I have even gone so far as to make suggestions for Christmas gifts for those we love who use a CPAP machine to treat sleep apnea. I have not often thought of how it may affect a marriage or how it could go for a person out there looking for a new relationship.

The most obvious concern for someone who uses a CPAP machine and is looking to start a new relationship is how anxious it makes them to bring it up in conversation. The fear of rejection is what makes this so difficult. Remind yourself the reason you started CPAP therapy was to improve your health and your life. The next step is to choose an appropriate time to bring it up. If you think after one date that you would not like to see this person again, then you never have to bring it up at all.

11 Stages Of Being Single With A Sleep Condition

For those dipping their toes into the dating pool during stay-at-home orders, it’s been like swimming in a version of Netflix’s reality series ” Love is Blind. And while a lockdown engagement might be a bit extreme, it’s entirely possible that two people have grown to really like one another over the previous weeks and months. Maybe it started with a match on a dating app, followed by flirting over text.

Then came regularly scheduled Zoom dates. Perhaps they’ve even started envisioning a future together.

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Seriously, there is! Think of it like this: first you have to know yourself, then you gather knowledge about the other person, or in this case PAP , and then you apply that knowledge to find out if you might be compatible. Finally you are in a position to make your choice. So, coming back to the dating analogy, Snorer. Of course, it does not replace medical advice from your Doctor, who you should consult it you are in any doubt.

Working through this Snorer. In the diagram below, on the left your airway is narrowing as you breathe in, creating the snoring noise and possibly about to collapse — this is known as an obstructive apnoea. LEFT: The impact of a narrowing airway on the air you breathe. The air has to travel faster as the airway narrows. If the airway narrows sufficiently to reduce airflow, it is a hypopnea. If it collapses on itself, it causes an apnoea. PAP therapy involves wearing a mask over your face while you sleep, to force air through your nose and sometimes your mouth as well.

There are several PAP machine manufacturers and it is considered the best solution for moderate to severe sleep apnoea. PAP was first invented in the s, and the technology has developed since then.

Positive Airway Pressure, Sleep Apnea, and the Placenta (PAP-SAP) (PAP-SAP)

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Bizarrely, there is a similarity between dating and learning how to choose a Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy. Seriously, there is! Think of it like this: first you.

Yeah, yeah, sleep apnea is serious. Although continuous positive airway pressure therapy is painless and effective for treating sleep apnea, many of those suffering from the medical condition are ashamed. For CPAP users trying to meet people or even date, the thought of telling a new partner about their need for treatment can be terrifying.

When you let someone know about you sleep apnea machine, they should be pleased to know that you think taking care of your health is important. And it is important: it means you care about yourself and you can care about someone else too. You participate in treatment because you want to sleep well, stay healthy, and feel energetic enough to be adventurous and fun. Anyone worth your time and affection will not only tolerate your treatment but be an active supporter on your journey to health.

The biggest downside for sleep apnea sufferers who are newly dating might be that when left untreated, sleep apnea can destroy your sex life. CPAP machine use solves and prevents sexual dysfunction in men and women. For those with sleep apnea, CPAP machine treatment means better sex. In order to make your sleep apnea therapy the most tolerable for everyone involved, consider investing in some of the CPAP machines described for their quiet motors.

Previous Next. Sex and Sleep Apnea The biggest downside for sleep apnea sufferers who are newly dating might be that when left untreated, sleep apnea can destroy your sex life. Finding the Right Equipment In order to make your sleep apnea therapy the most tolerable for everyone involved, consider investing in some of the CPAP machines described for their quiet motors.

Clinical manifestations of sleep apnea

The sleep disorder usually affects middle-aged men. My sophomore year of high school, I was tired all the time. I would describe myself as sluggish, just constantly tired and moping. I was a swimmer, and I could feel myself getting exhausted faster. My body felt weaker than it ever had. I was also experiencing really bad headaches.

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The year-old Trabuco Canyon, Calif. Peterson and her husband, Chris, a year-old engineer, are among growing numbers of couples whose romantic lives have been derailed by sleep problems — or their solutions. Bedtime troubles send three in 10 couples to separate rooms, according to a poll by the National Sleep Foundation, a nonprofit agency. About a quarter of people with partners and 10 percent of singles said sleep problems left them too tired for sex.

Snoring is the most obvious interference, sleep experts say, but some users contend that the most commonly prescribed cure — the CPAP machine — can put an even bigger damper on libido. People with obstructive sleep apnea have a problem that causes their airways to collapse during sleep, cutting off breathing sometimes dozens — or even hundreds — of time a night. Compared to the possibility of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke, looking less sexy at bedtime is a minor concern, said Barbara Ruggiero, who coordinates the southern Nevada chapter of the AWAKE support group run by the American Sleep Apnea Association.

Rates of women who are opting for preventive mastectomies, such as Angeline Jolie, have increased by an estimated 50 percent in recent years, experts say. But many doctors are puzzled because the operation doesn’t carry a percent guarantee, it’s major surgery — and women have other options, from a once-a-day pill to careful monitoring. But while CPAP users are grateful for the treatment, dozens of posts on the popular apea Web sites reveal some also are worried about the social consequences of the cure.

Like sleeping with Darth Vader And the challenge is growing with the number of sleep apnea sufferers. An estimated 4 percent of men and 2 percent of women between the ages of 30 and 60 in the United States suffer from severe sleep apnea, Grandi said. Only about 10 percent of sufferers are diagnosed, but the most common prescription is a CPAP.

Sexual Assault Defense is Sleep Apnea?

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